Jaguar “It's Good to Be Bad”

Jaguar was running its first-ever Super Bowl commercial and we were the first-ever agency to deploy SDL Tridion on an Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Managing to scale was already critical for Jaguar-Land Rover's 158-site, multi-lingual, global content management system (CMS). When the “It's Good to Be Bad” spot aired to a global audience, 111.5M viewers watched British villains quicken pulses, while our team watched uneventful performance monitors showing the global cloud CMS performing beautifully as traffic surged to 20,000 site visits per minute shortly after the commercial aired.

Role: Senior Technical Project Manager, Executive Sponsor

Goal: 100% up-time for a global Super Bowl audience.

Results: Up to 20,000 site visits per minute with zero performance issues.

Agency: Tahzoo

Agency Services: SDL Tridion Managed Services, Amazon Web Services Management

Industry: Automotive