Facing History “The History Of…”

For Facing History's second annual student essay contest, the goal was to elevate student voices to recruit more teachers to the Facing History curriculum. The central idea was to let the students remind teachers why they got into teaching in the first place by affirming the student's contribution to a better society. Thus was born “The 48 second history of...” The three finalists' essays came to life in animated videos-- the pages of the essays springing to life to illustrate the students' place in history. The videos were shared over Facebook and Twitter, with a call-to-action for teachers to download sample teaching curricula from a HubSpot-enabled lead generation landing page. Winner, Best of Broadcast at 2018 American Advertising Awards DC.

Role: Senior Digital Project Manager, Digital Strategist

Goal: Lead Generation

Agency: RP3

Agency Services: Digital Strategy, Campaign Concept, Video Concept, Creative Asset Production, Landing Page Production, HubSpot Configuration, Social Media Campaign Execution

Video Production: Smartypants

Industry: Nonprofit


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