Coca-Cola "Every Drop Counts"

When Coca-Cola met their ambitious goal of 100% water replenishment five years earlier than planned, making them the first Fortune 500 company to achieve this goal, Coca-Cola naturally wanted to broadcast their achievement–especially to socially-conscious Millennials. We filmed original cinemegraphs of the iconic Coke bottle in natural water settings for short videos tailor-made for sharing by Coca-Cola’s 1.3M Instagram followers, 3.2M Twitter followers, and 99M Facebook fans.

Role: Senior Digital Project Manager, Executive Sponsor

Goal: Millennial social engagement.

Results: Engagement rates for Facebook and Twitter posts were 10x higher than average for similar branded posts from Coca-Cola.

Agency: RP3

Agency Services: Campaign Concept, Video Production, Creative Asset Production, Social Media Campaign Strategy

Industry: Food and Beverage


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