Beefsteak by José Andrés "Vegetables Unleashed"

We listened to Chef Andrés muse about bringing healthy food to the masses as we trailed him through the farmers' market. The key, he said, was how do you make vegetables sexy? And that became the brief-- Sexy Vegetables. The name, Beefsteak, worked on many levels, invoking tomatoes, meat, pinup girls and hunks on the beach. The brand aesthetic became anthropomorphic vegetables doing naughty things. The naughtiness was toned down a bit for the final public-facing launch, but the next time you walk by a Beefsteak, know that those vegetables have dirty minds.

Role: Senior Creative Project Manager, Executive Sponsor

Goal: Launch an international fast-casual brand by a celebrity chef.

Results: Beefsteak has 5 locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC, and raised $9.25M in venture capital in 2015.

Agency: Unison (acquired by RepEquity)

Agency Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity

Industry: Fast Casual Dining


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